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Agriculture is incredibly important in our society.  It requires hard work, patience, and an evolving knowledge of the industry.  Agriculture law is no different because it involves various areas of law such as real estate, estate planning, probate, business, and more.  With the ever-present possibility of disputes or product loss, the security of written agreements, contracts, and thorough negotiations can make a big difference.  At The Rodman Firm PLLC, we work hard to avoid pitfalls and handle any items you may need.​

A list of agriculture services we provide at The Rodman Firm PLLC are:

  • Business Formation

    • Limited Liability Company Formation (LLC)​

    • Series Limited Liability Company Formation (SLLC)

    • Limited Liability Partnership Formation (LLP)

    • Corporation Formation (Inc.)

    • Limited Partnership Formation (LP)

  • Contracts

    • Inventory ​Agreements

    • Service Agreements

    • Equity Agreements

    • Contract Reviews

  • Real Property Tax Exemptions​

    • Homestead Exemption​

    • Agricultural Appraisals 

    • Over 65 Exemption

    • Property Tax Review

  • Lease Agreements and Harvest Contracts

    • Harvesting Agreement​

    • Timber Agreement

    • Pollination Contracts

    • Produce Contracts

    • Storage Contracts

    • Manufacturing Agreements

    • Grazing Agreements

  • Purchase Agreements

    • Real Estate Sales Contract​

    • Livestock Sales Contract

    • Materials Purchase Contracts

  • Employment and Contractor Agreements

    • General Contractor Agreement​

    • Subcontractor Agreement

    • Employment Agreement

    • Independent Contractor Agreement

It is always recommended to seek the counsel and advice of an experienced agriculture attorney for individual transactions or disputes.  Contact us today!

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