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In business, your legal formation and structure means the difference between liability protection and being personally liable for any situations involving your business.  It can also determine your tax treatment by Federal and State taxing authorities.  At The Rodman Firm PLLC, we take the time to discuss your desires for your entity and customize that entity to fit those needs.

A few business services we provide at The Rodman Firm PLLC are:​

  • Business Entity Formation

    • Limited Liability Company Formation (LLC)​

    • Series Limited Liability Company Formation (SLLC)

    • Limited Liability Partnership Formation (LLP)

    • Corporation Formation (Inc.)

    • Limited Partnership Formation (LP)

    • Professional Limited Liability Company Formation (PLLC)

  • Investment Entities

    • Real Estate Holding Companies

    • Property Management Companies

  • Business Operation Guidance

    • Business Document Review​

    • Business Document Drafting

    • Operating Agreement Drafting

    • Partnership/Shareholder Agreements​​

  • Ownership Transfers

    • Add or Remove a Member or Shareholder of a Business​

    • Buyout Agreements

    • Member Withdrawal Agreement

  • Dissolution

    • Wind Up and Termination Agreements​

    • File Business Dissolution 

  • Corporate Divorce

It is recommended that an experienced business attorney be consulted during the formation and ongoing operations of an entity.  Contact us today!

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