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Real Estate & Title

In real estate, there are many requirements and issues that can frustrate anyone from the average person to the experienced real estate investor.  At The Rodman Firm PLLC, our experience provides the assurance that these pitfalls can be avoided in any transaction you may need.

A list of real estate services we provide at The Rodman Firm PLLC are:

  • Deeds to Transfer Title

    • General Warranty Deed​

    • Special Warranty Deed

    • Deed without Warranty

    • Warranty Deed Incident to Divorce

    • Gift Deed

  • Real Estate Contracts

    • Contract Drafting

    • Contract Review

    • Contract Negotiation

    • Contract Enforcement

  • Business and Investment Entities

    • Limited Liability Company Formation (LLC)​

    • Series Limited Liability Company Formation (SLLC)

    • Limited Liability Partnership Formation (LLP)

    • Corporation Formation (Inc.)

    • Limited Partnership Formation (LP)

    • Professional Limited Liability Company Formation (PLLC)

    • Company Operating Documents

    • Business Document Review

  • Seller (Owner) Financing

    • Real Estate Sales Contract

    • Promissory Note

    • Deed of Trust

    • Warranty Deed with Vendor's Lien

    • WRAP Transactions (with Lienholder Notices)

  • Real Property Tax Exemptions​

    • Homestead Exemption​

    • Agricultural Exemption

    • Over 65 Exemption

    • Property Tax Review

  • Evictions

  • Non-Judicial Foreclosure

    • Appointment of Substitute Trustee

    • Notice of Default and Intent to Accelerate

    • Notice of Foreclosure Sale

    • Post Notice of Foreclosure Sale

    • Trustee's Sale

  • Title

    • Title Document Review​

    • Title Search

    • Real Estate Lien Search

    • Title Commitment Review

    • Tax Foreclosure Sale Review

    • Warranty Deed

    • Deed of Trust

    • Affidavit of Heirship

  • Power of Attorney​​

    • Durable Power of Attorney​

    • Limited Power of Attorney

    • General Power of Attorney

    • Springing Power of Attorney

  • New Home Construction Support

    • Contract Review​

    • Home Inspection Review

    • General Contractor Agreement

    • Subcontractor Agreement

It is always recommended to seek the counsel and advice of an experienced real estate attorney for most transactions or situations involving real property.  Contact us today!

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